Winning is Noble

May 28, 2024 1 min read

When you play small...

You play directly into their plans for you.

They want you weak.

They want you fat.

They want you broke.

They want you stupid.

...and they want you to feel morally superior by living and promoting a small and "humble" life.

If you stop and look around...

You'll start to see how much propaganda they pound you with to make you believe this.

They have made you think that living this way is some sort of noble deed.


There is nothing noble about you living a small life that inspires nobody and gives up control to an "elite" class of people.

YOU are meant to be elite.

Start acting like it.

Start winning.

Because when you win...

You inspire others to be better and win themselves.

There is nothing more noble than that.

Nothing at all.

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