Who Are You Trying To Become?

July 16, 2020 2 min read

Andy speaking on stage

My goal when I speak is not to motivate…

If you aren’t motivated & driven to succeed on your own ... you don’t have a fucking chance.

My goal instead is to give actionable, take away items that you can walk away with, apply to your business/life and get real value.

That’s my goal.

To make you UNSTOPPABLE.

You have it in you…

It comes down to if you choose to let it out.

I’m no different than anyone.

I’m not better than anyone.

I’m not smarter than anyone.

I’m a fat kid that grew up on a gravel road in Missouri and got made fun of most of his life.

The only difference between us is this:

I got fed up with being something less than I knew deep down in my heart I could be.

I decided I didn’t care if I got laughed at or made fun of ... I was going to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to become what I knew I could be.

The first time I wrote a motivational/success status on Facebook 10+ years ago ... I got 3 likes. One was my Mom. One was my Brother. One was my business partner.

I got laughed at in my DMs and in person by my friends: “Who do you think you are, the next Tony Robbins?”

No, I’ll never be Tony Robbins…

All I can be is the first Andy Frisella.

And THE BEST Andy Frisella.

I’m still not there. Not even close. I’ve got a lifetime to go.

So don’t worry about being “the next” anyone and work to be the FIRST YOU…AND THE BEST YOU!

Be good to people.

Do the right thing.

Be disciplined with your actions.

Step on any motherfuckers throat that stands in your way.

It’s a simple formula ... but it works.

Stop rotting in the shadows.

Step into the light and show the world who the fuck you are!

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