Where Is Your Focus Taking You?

July 31, 2020 1 min read

Andy in meeting 

"What you focus on, is what you get more of."

You've probably heard that before ... and it's absolutely true.

You focus on the problems in your life, and suddenly you have more problems.

You focus on how broke you are, and you're suddenly hit with another bill that costs you more money.

You focus on how hard it is to get promoted at your job, and as a result you constantly get passed up for new opportunities.

What are you focusing on today?

Are you focusing on the things that you don’t have?

Are you drowning in your worries?

Are all of your thoughts painted by "why is this happening to me?"

If they are, then you need to change your focus.

Focus on how you are alive right now.

Focus on how you are capable of anything.

Focus on the good things that you have around you, and you will get more good things.

Focus on opportunities, and new opportunities will show themselves to you.

Where your mind goes, reality follows.

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