Where Do You Fall on the Success Food Chain?

October 07, 2022 1 min read

Andy talking to a group

Every single one of us are a part of the success food chain.

The strong and skilled will prosper … while the weak and passive will struggle to survive…

No different than nature.

You can bitch, pout, and complain about how unfair it is all you want...

But it won't remove you from the competition.

Here's the good news...

Even though nature doesn't give you a choice.

The success food chain does.

In nature, you're either born a predator or prey.

If you don't like it ... too fucking bad.

In the success food chain, you may be born as the prey...

But you have the opportunity to become a predator.

It all comes down to your choices...

You can choose to be disciplined.

You can choose to invest in yourself.

You can choose to surround yourself with greatness.

You can choose to be a lifelong student of success.

You can choose to execute every day.

You can choose to account for every detail.

You can choose to help others.

You can choose to provide value.

You can choose to be enthusiastic.

You can choose to provide and implement solutions.

You can choose to never quit.

You can choose success.

But if you choose not to compete...

You will spend your entire life struggling to survive.

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