What's Wrong With Me?

January 08, 2020 2 min read


Yesterday I found myself in a peculiar place.

I found myself laying on the floor of my home office at 4:27pm.

I was staring at the ceiling wondering....

“Why the fuck do I do this shit?”

“Why do I put myself through all the shit I do?”

“What's wrong with me?”

The phone rang.

It was Ed Mylett.

One of my best friends on this earth and a pretty fucking smart man.

We started chit chatting.

Discussing a few things regarding Arete Syndicate.

Before I knew it, I was outside buzzing around my yard feeling great talking business.

Talking ideas/strategy/more ideas.

Naturally we got on the topic of “successful people” a topic both of us are obsessed with. We both love being students of success and pay attention as closely as we can to learn every little nuance of success from every angle possible.

We got it broke down to this when it comes to successful people.

There are really only two kinds of “successful people”:

Group 1: These people become “successful” and slow down, relax and usually end up losing.

These people are temporary winners, but almost always losers in the long run.

They lose everything.

They go to jail.

They figure out how to fuck it up because somehow in their mind they thought that once you “became successful” you got to stop and take a breather.

Group 2: These people become “successful” and just stay on the gas, progressing, innovating, leveling up with their foot firmly planted to the floor wide-open throttle.

These people are lifetime winners.

Then after we identified these two groups we were talking about how interesting it is that when you ask group two why they never slow down....

Their answer is always:

“I cant.”

Thats whats “wrong with me”.



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