What Do Your Actions Tell the Universe?

December 15, 2022 1 min read

Andy speaking to a group

I talk a lot about intent … and that when you hate on someone's success...

You're telling the Universe that you don't like success.

But here's the thing that I don't clarify enough...

It's not that you aren't going to have that specific type of success by hating on it…

It's that you're not going to have ANY fucking success at all.

So even the little wins that you think are "humble" and okay to have...

You won't have.

How could you?

You're telling the Universe with your energy … with your heart … and with your jealousy that you do not like winning.

Therefore, YOU WILL NOT WIN.

It's not about the level of success...

It's about having any sort of success.

Don’t agree with me?  Tough shit.

You could argue all you want about whether or not gravity is real...

But step off your roof and I guarantee it's gonna fucking hurt.

This is no different.

So if you want to struggle your entire life...

Never learn this lesson.

...because it's real.

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