We Can All Do Better

April 02, 2022 1 min read

Andy working out

Real leaders need to start leading…

…and by leading I mean living to their own standards.

That means not only just living it … but advertising it so others hold a high standard as well.

Start with yourself.

How can you be better?

What are your weak points?

Where can you improve?

All of us have weaknesses, flaws, faults, and areas we can improve.

We can all do better.

We need to all be better.

We need to be more forgiving and less judgmental.

People are watching.

These kids are watching.

The next generation that will inherit all this shit is watching.

We have to turn it around.

Your example matters.

Where can you get better?

This is how we really change things.

No politician can do it for us.

It's us.

All of us.

Be the example you wish you had.

Be the leader you wish you had.

Be the parent you wish you had.

Teach what you wish you had known.

That's how shit will change.

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