Unlock the Cheat Code to Life

April 28, 2021 1 min read

Andy walking outside in the rain

The reason you are having problems accomplishing what you want ... is because you only attack and execute on the days you feel motivated.

That's a losing formula by the sheer math of it.

Even if you execute 50% of the time…

Which most people don’t...

Even if you are the most skilled human on Earth…

Which you aren’t…

You are still 50% behind the person who shows up every day, regardless of how they feel.

That’s what you are up against.

Not the people…

Not the days…

It's the 50% of days that never get even a drop of their potential squeezed out of them…

That’s the separator.

The person who wins shows up day after day, regardless of how hard they get punched in the face the day before...


That’s the person who gets what they want in life.

Strive to have discipline and grit.

That’s what you are searching for.

That’s what you are missing.

When you win the discipline and grit game…

You unlock the cheat code to life.

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