This is What Keeps Me Motivated…

August 10, 2022 1 min read

Andy standing in the gym

A common question we get for REAL AF is: "How do you stay motivated when you've already accomplished so much?" Or some variation of that.

My answer is always the same … and comes down to 3 points…

1. Humility

I've learned to silence my ego.

I constantly remind myself that no matter how much I've accomplished, and will accomplish...

I haven't done shit.

...and I've got a long way to go to fulfill my maximum potential as a human.

2. Family

I employ thousands of incredible people...

Many of which have families.

These people show up and go to war with me everyday to accomplish the same mission.

They don't bitch when they have to show up early or stay late…

In fact … they willingly do it.

These people eat, sleep, and breathe our mission.

I owe it to them and their families to help them fulfill their biggest goals and dreams in life … as they help me fulfill mine.

3. Purpose

I want to inspire change.

Modern society has taken a turn for the worst.

The future generation is being discouraged to pursue greatness.

More and more people are becoming complacent and dependent.

Entrepreneurship and free enterprise is intentionally being dismantled and discouraged.

Until society, and this country, actually represents the values they were built upon...

I will stop at fucking NOTHING to restore those values.

Until the world becomes a place where personal excellence, independence, and true freedom is celebrated and encouraged...

I will always be hungry to do more.

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