This is What It Actually Means to Be Humble…

February 02, 2024 2 min read

Andy Frisella sitting inside of a plane

"Humility" has nothing to do with living small...

Talking small...

Thinking small...

Or accepting a mediocre existence.

This is what society tells us.

It tells us that being "humble" is about living within the boundaries and limitations placed on us by the people around us.

It tells us that being "humble" is about concealing our wins and only accepting a certain level of achievement to avoid hurting other people's feelings.

...and anytime we take action to break outside of that mold and pursue more...

We're quickly told to fall back in line and stay "humble.”

That's not real humility.

Real humility is an understanding that no matter how great you become...

You will never be "better" than anybody else...

...and you will always have more to learn and improve upon.

It's recognizing that the results you produce are a reflection of the actions you've taken...

Not because you have some unique talent or skill that differentiates you from everybody else.

It’s realizing that everyone has the ability to do great things if they take the right actions.

Even the people who shame you for doing more.

(They are killing their lives by not realizing this)

Don't let society's false interpretation of humility keep you from going out and building yourself and your life into something truly great.

It's not your problem if your wins and success makes anybody upset...

Fuck ‘em.

You aren't doing it for those people.

You're doing it for you and all the people who will take inspiration from your wins and go out to pursue more for themselves because of it.

Never forget that.

When you do great and win … other people will too.

That’s a pretty noble thing if you ask me.

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