The Truth About Making Money

November 02, 2022 1 min read

Andy talking to a group

Most people are very confused about what it actually takes to make money.

The truth is, "making money" is a very misleading term.

None of us make money...

The Federal Reserve makes money.

The rest of us?

We have to fucking earn it.

The only way you can earn money … whether you own a business or work from inside a business … is by CREATING VALUE.

I am being quite literal when I say you are exchanging value for money.

The better, easier, and more effectively you solve problems...

...and the more value you provide...

The more monetary success you will see.

In business, it's about offering a product or service that provides more value than the next person.

Within a business, it's about creating value through providing better, easier, or more effective solutions.

It's the only way you can achieve any level of financial success in life.

Quit thinking in terms of how you can cut corners … put in the minimal amount of effort … and still get paid.

Start thinking in terms of how you can become better...

How you can help people better...

How you can solve problems better...

How you can offer a better product/service...

Money isn't made.

It's earned.

If you want to start earning more money immediately…

Start providing more value.

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