This Is A Test You Must Pass

March 14, 2020 2 min read


Sometimes being the best has everything to do with making it through tough times when everyone else quits.

Do it a few different times over a few different situations, and you’re among the best there is.

No matter how hard the current situation with the Corona Virus hits you...

Now is not a time to quit.

Let the other guys quit.

This is a test you must pass.

Now is a time to do what you can.

Even if it’s being of service to those in need around you…

It will all come back around.

And afterwards, you’ll be looking around wondering what happened to everyone else you were competing with before.

I’m not talking from lack of experience either...

A few different times early in our business career, when we were 100% reliant on walk in traffic...we went through very tough times.

Times I was sure we were going to go out of business.

Twice to be exact.

Both times, it was due to extreme weather, and the lasting impact of it.

Back then, where we were (and still are) located in Missouri & Illinois was hit with devastating tornadoes in spring/summer & blizzards in winter that left us without power for weeks on end.

Weeks on entire community without power.  Think about that...

In both extreme heat and extreme cold.  Think about that...

We didn’t have a spare dollar.

We were fucking terrified.

But we kept showing up and did what we could, and our community took care of us...and we took care of them.

Humans have a way of coming together when they have to.

Keep showing up.

Do what you can.

Things will be ok.

You got this👊🏽 #100to0


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