These Are the Biggest Victories…

September 17, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella talking to a group of people

There are very few days I feel “Great” or “Motivated” or “Ready to crush it.”

Truth is … a lot of days I feel like dog shit.

The stress.

The pressure.

The responsibility for the well-being & livelihood of thousands of people rests on my shoulders and the weight is heavy.

I don’t take that responsibility lightly.

When you compound that over decades it’s really something very few people could ever understand.

So I keep it to myself.

That’s reality.

That’s the truth.

It’s hard AF.

Even and especially for me.

…and guess what…

It’s irrelevant.

What I need to get done … gets done regardless of how I’m feeling.

Most people think it's the times when you don't quit that lead to the biggest victories.

The truth is...

The times when you want to quit and don't ARE the biggest victories.

Every single time you press on when all you'd like to do is stay in bed...

You are building a force within yourself that cannot be fucked with.

Not by external factors...

Not by internal factors...

Not by anything.

Eventually it builds you into an unstoppable force of grit, will and fortitude that creates things in life other people can barely even imagine.

The moment you push through when you'd rather fucking die than take another step…


Without that victory...

Nothing else is even possible.

Give yourself credit for it.

Learn to appreciate it.

It's what matters most.

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