There Is A Price On Everything

June 25, 2020 2 min read

Andy in front of HQ

Year 1-3: $0

Year 4-10: $695 a month

$58,380 TOTAL my first 10 years in business.

Now a days people look at where others are and think “I can never get there”...because in today’s society all you hear about is instant gratification and overnight success stories.


Think about that for a minute and let set.

Think about something you have dedicated your life to for 20 years.

Besides eating, sleeping, breathing...most people have a hard time coming up with an example when asked that question.

And THAT’S precisely the problem.

Society will have you believe that there is such a thing as “overnight success” or “luck”. We are bombarded by it daily in the media.

Movie stars, lottery winners, reality shows, it’s all we see anymore.

What they don’t show you is the TRUTH.

The small business started by two 19 year old kids with 12 grand they earned from painting the stripes on parking lots.

The sleeping in the back of their first store.

The struggle.

The pain.

The sacrifice.

The loss.

The heartbreak.

The fear.

The loss of sanity.

The anger.

The hate.

The bitterness.

No...all they show is the after effect.

The cars.

The big house.

The expensive vacations.

They show the gourmet prepared steak, but they don’t show the butcher doing his work.

So when looking at all these successes...BE INSPIRED...but be aware of the “butchering” (WORK) that goes into making that steak.

Beware of the trap of instant gratification.

Nothing that’s truly worthwhile can be had “now”. The “American Dream” is not given, it’s EARNED.

Worthwhile results take time, and are the cumulative result of all your little “victories” over the course of that time.

What’s easy & fun now is often what leads to frustration, disappointment, and failure later.

On the flip side, what seems difficult and frustrating now will often lead to enjoyment, fulfillment, and success later.

There is a price on everything.

Will you pay it?

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