You Only Have So Many Tomorrows…

March 09, 2022 1 min read

Andy speaking

Most people go through life saying they want to make a change, but never actually take action.

When it comes to executing on their critical tasks, they'll say shit like...

"I'll just do it later."


"I'll get around to it tomorrow."

It's as if they forget that there are only so many tomorrows...

...and our time on earth is extremely limited.

Let me spare you from a life of regret...


The tasks that you're putting off now will be the same shit that haunts you on your deathbed.

I would get very urgent about pursuing the life you say you want NOW.

Not tomorrow...

Not on Monday....

Not next month…

Not after your birthday...


Or you can keep waiting until you run out of “tomorrows”…

It’s your choice.

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