The Real Prize Is Right Now

April 29, 2020 2 min read


When we are ambitious, hungry, driven savages that will stop at nothing to build the lives we want...

It's easy to get caught up in the idea that living your perfect life is 10-15 years from today.

It's easy to get caught up in the idea that after we do “this”...

...and “this”

...and “this”

...and get to “this” point in our lives, making X amount of money, living in this kind of house, being in this kind of physical shape, with this kind of partner.

...we’ll be happy and start living.

Unfortunately, that day never comes...

Which means you’ll never be happy nor fulfilled. Ever.

Because when you are an ambitious, hungry, driven savage...the target is always evolving.

What you want now is not going to be what you want when you get it.

The “want” for more progress never goes away...

...and there is nothing wrong with that!

You just have to learn how to value the REAL PRIZE... which contrary to popular belief isn't some perfect day at the end of the journey.

The REAL PRIZE is today.

The REAL PRIZE is the journey.

The REAL PRIZE is LEARNING how to make every day your BEST DAY...

While still maintaining the ambitious, driven, step on motherfucking throats savageness that's going to continue to level you & every one around you up!

You need to learn how to have both to be truly happy:

1. Learn how to have your BEST DAY everyday.

2. Stay hungry, avoid complacency, and keep pushing the limit.

For the high-achiever DNA, either one of those without the other will literally drive you insane and make you miserable.


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