The Price Must Be Paid

October 26, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella talking to Steve Aoki

Contrary to what the spirit guides tell you on the internet...

…Life is hard.

It can be hard with a reward.

It can be hard without a reward.

What determines which one you get is what you decide to do with your time.

It's that simple.

Pay now.

Pay later.

Either way the price is getting paid.

Once you figure out the juice is worth the squeeze...

Your life will change because your perspective will change.

To find that out you have to stick through things well past the point of comfort to get the big win.

Once you get that win...

You start to value and enjoy the process because you have a first-hand understanding of what it produces.

The problem is most people never get that far.

So yes ... by all means do whatever you want with your life...

But there is always a hard price to pay and you get the choice of when that rent comes due.


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