Teach Them How to Win

September 28, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella talking at a table

We owe it to the next generation to show them what it takes to become great and win.

The real world doesn't care about your feelings...

It doesn't care how hard you try...

It doesn't care if you show up...

It doesn't care about what's "fair"...

The real world rewards those who produce results and WIN.

...and by raising the next generation on the weak foundation of idealism and teaching them that they are somehow special and deserving...

We are setting them up to get their fucking asses beat.

If you want the kids in your life to become truly great and build a life they're proud of...

Teach them how to compete and win...

...and when they don't win...

Teach them how to accept their losses and move forward with the valuable lessons they need to create their future wins.

We can't "protect" them by giving them a pat on the back and a participation trophy for mediocrity.

We can only protect them by equipping them with the skillset and mindset they need to navigate reality.

It's the only way we can set the future generation up for success and plant the seed for a healthier society.

Teach them how to win ... starting with our example.

That's our obligation to them.

Start taking it seriously.

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