Take the Small Opportunities Seriously

June 30, 2021 1 min read

Andy walking on a plane

The only way to make the progress you are looking for in your career...

...is by doing such a great job and standing out so much that you are undeniably the best at what you do.

That's how the world works.

It doesn't matter if your job right now is making french fries at McDonalds...

Your job is to make the absolute best french fries possible.

You may be sitting there wondering...

"Well ... why does that even matter if I don't plan on making french fries forever?"

Here's why it matters...

Even though you might be making fries today...

The habits that you build by doing an excellent job will stick with you to the next place & the next opportunity.

It’s not about the fries. 

It’s about developing the habit of kicking ass at anything you do.

Most people miss all sorts of opportunities because they believe the “small” opportunities are irrelevant. 

Mistakenly missing the point…

The point is when you take the “small” opportunities seriously…

…you create the skills required to open the doors to the larger opportunities.

Until you become the absolute best at what you're doing right now...

Nobody is going to trust you with anything else.

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