Stop Waiting for Conditions to Be Perfect

April 14, 2024 1 min read

Waiting for conditions to be perfect guarantees an automatic loss.

If you can't build yourself into someone who can execute regardless of the external conditions...

You cannot win.




This is a fact ... and an undeniable fact at that.

Losers wait for conditions to improve before they start...

Then quit as soon as conditions become less than ideal.

Winners know that when conditions are shit...

Everyone else waits or quits...

...and they know that's their advantage over everyone else so that's when they go the hardest.

Winners build themselves into people who can execute at the highest level under the shittiest of conditions.

They take full advantage of these opportunities every single chance they get because they understand it's the ultimate competitive advantage.

When everyone else waits or quits...

That's your signal to get it done.

Or you can wait your life away with everyone else, hoping the stars will align for you.

Hint: They won't.

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