Silence the People Who Underestimate You

July 01, 2022 1 min read

Andy getting on a plane

Don't give in to the opinions and self-limiting beliefs of the people around you.

Only you know who you really are and who you were meant to become.

It's not that these people hate you...

They just can't see outside the realm of what's possible for them.

When you have big goals and dreams...

People in your life are going to say shit like:

"That's never going to work."

"You need to be more realistic."

"You're dreaming too big."

So what?

Are you really going to lower your potential because of what other people think?

I refuse to.

You should too.

I've made a life out of humbling people who underestimated me … bet against me … and said I "couldn't do it.”

You can too.

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