Plant the Right Seeds

June 15, 2024 1 min read


The seeds you plant in your mind today sprout into reality tomorrow.

Fill your mind with negative...

You become negative.

Fill your mind with positive...

You become positive.

Fill your mind with success...

You become successful.

Fill your mind with average...

You become average.

Fill your mind with mindless activities...

You become mindless.

Fill your mind with shit...

You become shit.

Fill your mind with gold...

You become gold.

You can't be mad about not harvesting seeds you never plant.

Audit your thoughts and focus.

What do you think about more?

How hard you have it?

Why you can't?

How unfair things are?

...Or how awesome your life will be after you go out and do the real work required to build it?

Make sure you're planting the right seeds.

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