Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

February 22, 2023 1 min read

Andy with his 1970 Chevelle SS

Quit holding onto thoughts such as...

"Only bad things happen to me."

"I wasn't born to be great."

"I don't have the skills that other people have."

These negative stories you tell yourself will trap you inside a self-fulfilling prophecy of perpetual struggle in life.

Most people end up becoming so much less than they could have been because they don't think highly of themselves.

...and because they can never overcome this mindset of “not being good enough”…

Their thoughts set a limit on their potential.

Understand this...

Your identity is your choice.

Until you can start focusing on making forward progress and stomping on the beliefs that limit your growth...

You will always be less than what you could be.

Be that bad motherfucker that lives inside you that only you know about.

The world needs it.

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