No Man's Land

April 23, 2022 2 min read

Andy walking away from the camera

It’s Saturday.

Most of your “friends” are out drinking, having fun and “living life.”

But not you ... you’re working.

Working on getting where you want to be.

...and it's lonely.

I know this feeling all too well ... I call it being in “No Man's Land."

When you start...






...and working your fucking ass off to chase this crazy ass vision you see in your head that nobody else sees...

You’re gonna be called crazy.

You’re gonna be called unrealistic.

You’re gonna be called greedy.

You’re gonna be called egotistical.

People are gonna guilt you by saying, “you think you’re too good for us.”

You’re going to end up here...

Completely alone...

In No Man's Land.

You will question everything about your mission, your goals, your actions and most importantly … yourself.

But what you have to understand about No Man's Land is that it's a bridge between who you were and who you are becoming.

It's a sign you're on the right path.

You are transitioning out of relationships that held you inside a life you weren’t satisfied with...

...and into relationships that serve your future self, mission, goals and dreams and ultimately fulfill you, serve you & contribute to the quality of your life 1000 times more than your previous ones.

They just haven’t materialized yet.

This is hard to see when you haven’t gone through it.

It feels like you’ll be alone forever ... but you won't.

...the perceived permanence is a lie...

No Man's Land is temporary.

We all go through it.

Instead of being afraid...

Stand alone PROUDLY in No Man’s Land … knowing most people don't have what it takes to venture into it.

Better things are coming ... if you can stand the silence.

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