My Guarantee To You

January 29, 2020 2 min read


What is with this mentality in society that some people need some sort of guarantee of success before they start to work hard?

Do farmers harvest before they plant?

Is a cake ready to eat before it bakes?

Is a beautiful sculpture beautiful before it's chiseled out?

There are ALWAYS variations in the result.

You never know EXACTLY how things are going to turn out.

But you still want a guarantee that you'll be successful before you do the work?

Alright...I give you a guarantee.

I guarantee you that if you sit on your ass and wait for a guaranteed result to come along before you start to work you're gonna be looking at the prices on the menu every time you go to eat for the rest of your life.

You're also guaranteed to live in a house you don't love.

Drive a car you're not proud of.

Earn a "living" that's never quite enough.

And live a life where every decision you make is based on the thought of "can I afford to do this?" as opposed to "I'd really love to do this!" and then DOING IT!

How's that for a guarantee?

Sounds like a great time doesn't it?

Still want to wait until someone comes along and guarantees you success in life before you start working your ass off, learning your ass off and dedicating every ounce of your energy to being the absolute best you can be because you feel you DESERVE it?

How arrogant & selfish of you that you're not willing to PROVE YOUR WORTH at the expense of your family & friends being denied the inspiration, greatness and lessons they were meant to learn from you!

Success isn't only about you!

The only thing you DESERVE is every bit of the beating life is going to bestow on you.

Of course...there is an alternative.

You could just commit yourself to being the best possible you, working as hard as you fucking can, learning as much as you can and TRUSTING that your journey through this life will be much more enjoyable, fulfilling and impactful than the former alternative.




THAT, my friend, is the ONLY way to guarantee success...and that guarantee is IRON FUCKING CLAD!


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