Make Winning Mainstream

November 14, 2021 1 min read

Andy sitting in a Chevelle

We need more people sharing their wins.

Make their fucking eyes hurt with your winning.

Showing your wins and showing people how to win is the noble thing to do…

Now more than ever.

Winning is good.

Winning is right.

Winning should be celebrated.

Winning is in our DNA.

Winning is far more natural for us than losing.

We need to teach the up & coming generation how to put in the hard work and play to win.

If you lose, tough shit … try again.

In the real world, there are only winners and losers.

That’s a fact.

If you want to make something out of your life…

Accept that truth…

And teach that to the current generation…

…so the importance of winning is never lost.

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