Make Excellence Non-Negotiable

August 12, 2022 1 min read

Andy talking

Your life is a direct reflection of what you're willing to tolerate.

Your standards…

Your relationships...

Your physical health...

Your career...


So ask yourself...

Do you tolerate showing up late to obligations from time to time?

Or do you show up early, and never compromise on that standard?

Do you tolerate the toxic relationships you have with people who don't support your goals?

Or do you surround yourself with people who bring you up and encourage your success?

Do you tolerate skipping workouts to fuck off and binge watch your favorite show?

Or do you prioritize your health everyday?

The point is…

Quit tolerating bullshit...


The sooner you make excellence non-negotiable in every single area of your life...

The sooner you'll escape a life of mediocrity.

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