Life Will Never Be Fair

June 04, 2023 1 min read

Andy talking to a group

If you go through life with the belief that everything should be "fair"...

Your life will be miserable ... guaranteed.

"Fair" only exists in fairy tales...

Not in the real world.

Having an attitude that you are entitled to what's "fair"...

Whether you verbalize it or not...

Will get you nothing.

Understand that every difficult and "unfair" situation in your life is designed to help you develop the skills and character you need to build a great life for yourself.

That's the game you have to play.

You can pout...

You can bitch...

You can kick and scream...

But the rules will never change.

You have the same opportunity as anybody else to go out and build yourself and your life into whatever you want it to be...

“Fair” is something people who lose obsess over.

Becoming undeniable is what winners obsess over.

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