Let the Crickets Chirp

October 12, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella sitting with some friends 

Let everyone else talk, gossip, and drama themselves into misery and irrelevance.

While the crickets chirp ... we work.

Regardless of what anyone else says or does...

Your life is going to be a reflection of the actions you take.

Let the results of those actions speak for themselves.

You either are or you aren't...

...and everyone can see it.

You are the only one with any control or influence over that.

Exercise that control.

That's what's respected.

That's what's admired.

That's what wins.

That's what gets you from here to there.

So fuck all the noise.

Build a life that the crickets will love to chirp about.

Crickets are gonna do cricket things.

But when you focus on your own actions and produce undeniable results for yourself...

The crickets will stop chirping when you walk in the room...

Because that's what crickets do.

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