Lack Of Options Is The Ultimate Motivator

May 07, 2020 2 min read


I've had hundreds of people tell me “they are thinking of starting a business” which is sad... because if you are “thinking” of starting a business, you are 99% certain to never make it.

Not because you don’t have the skills or ability...because let's face learn that as you go in entrepreneurship...

But because the statement of “thinking about it” insinuates that you are also thinking about not doing it, or considering “better options”, which indicates lack of commitment and belief from your heart & soul.

Successful people don't say things like “I'm thinking of ...” they say “I am going to ____ no matter what” and they don't think about any other options.

And that's the difference between people who do great things and those who don't.


People who succeed don't give themselves any option other than success.

They don't focus on “what if it doesn't work?” when starting on their plan.

They don't worry about what life would be like if they fail.

They focus on success and BELIEVE with every ounce of their soul that it will materialize for them....which allows them to pour every ounce of their energy into their plan...a requirement for success.

When we started our first retail company in 1999, I didn't have a bank, rich parents, venture capital, investors etc.

I didn't have a college degree.

I didn't have a fallback plan B.

All I knew was if this shit failed, I'd be pouring concrete during the day and painting parking lot stripes at night...and I was willing to do ANYTHING not to.

So I did literally every little thing I could to ensure we succeeded, and that habit of doing “the little things” stuck.

The guy with a backup plan, or unlimited funds or investors has choices, and that's why he usually loses.

Lack of options is the ultimate motivator.

You want to start a business and don’t have the funds?


That's a huge advantage.

It will force your mind to get creative and will also ensure you take no opportunity for granted.

Stop giving yourself “options” when it comes to your goals in any area of life.

Don't waiver, don't flounder, don't be “wishy washy”...

Fucking commit with your heart & soul and accept NO OTHER OPTIONS but success.


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