Know When to Shift Gears

March 02, 2023 1 min read

Andy walking through dirt

I find it ironic how the same people who brag about how much they "hustle" and "grind" are the same people who never make any real progress in life.

Am I saying there's anything wrong with being urgent and working hard?

Absolutely not.

In fact, both of these components are critical for your success...

But I see far too many people who focus solely on running full speed ahead without taking the time to shift gears or adjust their approach when it's necessary.

Then they act surprised when their unwillingness to make adjustments keeps them from getting where they're trying to go.

You have to understand that the journey ahead is full of roadblocks, obstacles, and challenges...

If you're always consumed with moving fast...

You'll blind yourself to these conditions...

...and ultimately end up crashing and burning.

Here's my advice:

Learn how to step back...

Evaluate the situation...

...and adjust your speed accordingly.

Quit letting the work obstruct your vision.

Peek your head up every once in a while to make adjustments...


...then execute.

It's the only way you'll win long-term.

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