Keep Your Tools Sharp

September 19, 2021 1 min read

Andy talking

How many times have you told yourself this…

“I only have so much time…

And I need to get this business going...

And I need to take care of my family…

And I need to take care of my employees…

I have to sacrifice something…”

So you end up sacrificing your physical and mental health … and you tell yourself that you’ll take care of it later.

I was that guy.

This is what I personally did for a long fucking time.

If you are a young entrepreneur or a young leader…

And by young I mean young in the game and not your age…

You need to understand that putting your health on the back burner is actually a very shitty plan.

You’ll never reach your true potential if you don’t prioritize your physical and mental health.

Your body and your mind are the tools that you use every day to create the kind of life that you want.

If you don’t keep those tools sharp…

How can you expect to perform at your best?

If you really want to grow your career, and take care of those around you…

You have to take care of yourself first.

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