It’s Time to Come Together

March 04, 2024 2 min read

Andy Frisella talking on stage

The positive change that our country needs…

…requires us citizens to form our own beliefs…

Express them proudly…

And stand tall for them.

Far too many people are influenced by the “common” narrative…

As most of you know by now the common narrative is propaganda.

Propaganda to get you to sit down, shut up and take what you get.

“Be a good little peasant or else.”

“Pay us half the money you earn while we squander it and print as much as we like devaluing everything you earn along the way … and if you don’t do it we’ll put you in jail.”

Does that sound like freedom?

They want you afraid.

They want you afraid to talk about your beliefs even if you know it’s the right thing to say or do.

That’s not true freedom.

It’s not healthy for our country.

It’s not healthy for your family.

It’s not healthy for your community.

It’s not healthy for you.

America can be the greatest county in the world but only if we express our freedoms on a regular basis.

If we don’t express them proudly…

If we don’t keep an open mind…

If we don’t put differences aside to work together to find productive outcomes for the greater good of everybody…

We will fail our duty as citizens.

We will be the generation of people that lost America.

That doesn’t sit well with me.

In fact, it’s unacceptable to me.

None of this shit is about me or you.

It’s about what we are leaving behind and making sure we do not squander the opportunities that people who came before us literally died for.

That matters.

Preservation of this country…

Improvement of this country…

Is a higher purpose and obligation for all of us.

We need to come together.

We need to start understanding our duty as citizens.

We need to live an example in our own lives and inspire others to be an example in theirs.

This isn’t about:

Black vs White.

Gay vs Straight.

Democrat vs Republican.

This is the people our founding fathers warned us about doing exactly what we were warned they would do.

Nobody is coming to save us.

Nobody is coming to save you.

If we don’t unite, recognize what’s really going on and work together to stop it…

All of our lives will get dramatically worse.

It’s time to come together.

It’s time to use our voices.

It’s time to live to the standard.

If we don’t.

We will all lose.

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