It’s Going To Take Time...

April 22, 2021 1 min read

Andy touring a Ferrari shop

NOTHING truly worth while can be materialized overnight.

EVERYTHING worth while takes time...


And perseverance.

Everyone on the internet wants to tell you how you can go from making $0 to making millions in 2 months...


When you're young in your journey...

It sounds very appealing...

But you have to understand this...

No product...

No course...

No business...

No solution...

Is capable of defeating the law of time.

Are there outliers and exceptions...sure.

...but you & me aint it.

Be patient.

Be disciplined.

Keep going.

Good shit will happen.

It took me 10 years in business to make more than $695 a month.

Where would I be had I quit?

Where will you be if you don’t?

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