Two Reasons Why Things Are Not Happening in Your Life...

November 07, 2020 1 min read

If you find yourself getting irritated about why things are not happening in your life…

And that question keeps hammering inside your mind 24/7

There can be only 2 reasons:

1. You are not doing things right in terms of quantity, quality, efficiency, or effectiveness.

2. You haven’t done it long enough.

That’s it.

There is no other reason.

Find what you’re lacking in those areas, fix it, and you’ll win.

“But what about _____”

Stop it.

Any other reason that you are thinking of… either a fairy tale excuse, or a half ass justification for lack of willingness to do the work.

And you know it’s true...

...that’s why it stings.

Remember ... plenty of people who have come from less than you, with bigger disadvantages than you, less skilled than you, less talented than you, and less blessed than you have done what you wish to do.

So go do it, too.

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