Harness the Power of Negativity

December 05, 2022 2 min read

Andy talking to a group of people

No matter who the fuck you are … and no matter what the fuck you do…

You're going to encounter negativity…

You’re going to encounter people close to you projecting their limitations and doubt onto you…

You’re going to encounter people jealous of you…

The truth is…

You’re going to encounter a bunch of scared, soft, weak ass people who feel some sort of way about you going out and kicking ass in life because they chose otherwise.

Many times these are people close to you…

People from the old days.

Well-meaning but ignorant family.

Losers you never heard of typing fucked up shit to you from their mom’s basement.

I've experienced this my entire life...

...and still do.

I’ve heard things like…

"Andy, are you still wasting your time with that little vitamin store?"

"Andy, when are you going to get a real job?"

These days it’s:

“What do you have to prove?”

“When are you gonna settle down and take it easy?”

“Are you just going to continue to go like this your entire life?”

Yes. I am.

…and I don’t listen to motherfuckers who haven’t done what I’m trying to do…

…about anything.


I don’t want their life or any aspect of it.


Most people react to the kinds people who doubt, criticize, and impose their idea of what life should be on them by getting upset and questioning themselves and their actions.

You know what I do instead?

I write down the name of every person who says I can’t, shouldn’t, and won’t…

...and work even harder to prove all those motherfuckers wrong.


If you develop this mentality as well … it will serve you greatly.

Whenever you feel down and out...

Whenever you feel like quitting…

Whenever you feel like you can't handle the pressure anymore...

Remember all the demoralizing shit these people said to you.

The burning fire of proving them wrong will give you all the energy you need to keep going.

Trust me ... it works.

I've built a life on proving motherfuckers wrong.

So can you.

When you learn how to harness the power of negativity in your favor...

Nothing can stop you.

…and remember….

Not a single one of those people telling you any of this bullshit are winning.


If you want to be like them … by all means take their advice.

Personally, I have zero interest in being like them.

Never have.

Never will.

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