Great Leaders Never Reward Mediocrity

December 11, 2022 1 min read

Andy sitting and talking

Your job as a leader is to help the people around you grow by holding them accountable...

Setting a good example...

Teaching them...

Letting them make mistakes...

...and showing them where they screwed up so they can learn from those mistakes.

Every time you reward subpar performance because they "tried their best"...

You're really just training them to operate at a standard that's far less than what it could be and needs to be.

Tell them the fucking truth.

Be assertive and aggressive in holding them to a high standard.

If you really care about that … it shouldn’t be an issue.

Let them earn their confidence and self-esteem.

That's what all great leaders do.

The longer you accept and praise anything less than excellence...

The longer you'll keep yourself and the other person from getting better.

Great leaders never reward mediocrity.


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