Get Up and Do the Work

February 09, 2022 1 min read

Andy standing with a hard hat on

The main problem with doing hard things in life is often not the actual task itself...

It’s the dreadful anticipation of going out to do the task.

You’ll whine and give yourself thousands of reasons to NOT do it...

…and keep dragging it out for a long time...

All while making yourself feel like shit.

You need to understand this...

If you’d just get up and do the work…

You’d realize that the actual act of executing the task isn't that bad.

You tend to suffer more thinking about the task than actually executing on the task.

When you can train your bitch voice to shut the fuck up and take action...

Doing the hard shit won't be as horrible as you think it will be.

Consider this the next time you don't want to do the difficult shit.

Your hesitation to act is only making it more difficult.

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