Focus On The Process

March 21, 2022 1 min read

Andy getting on a plane

Average people are obsessed with the result of their work.

They say shit like this…

"Once I achieve this goal ... I'm done."

On the other hand, true winners think differently.

They love the climb.

They love the journey.

If they achieve their goal...

They move onto the next goal.

If they don't achieve their goal...

They still keep moving.

Instead of focusing on the end result … they hone in on the process.

That's why they keep winning.

Because by committing to the process, they understand that the end goal will continue to grow.

This is a concept that average people will never understand...

...and it's the entire reason why most people never achieve what they want in life.

Stop putting all your focus on the result...

Start putting strong focus on your daily execution and the journey.

If you do that…

The result will be there.

…and more.

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