Face Your Problems

August 04, 2022 1 min read

Andy talking to people

Far too many people think that once they complete that one task ... or make that one change ... all of their problems will suddenly vanish.

"Once I get this project out of the way … I can finally relax."

"Once I pay off the rest of this debt … all my stress will go away."

"Once I start making X amount of money … I can be happy."

We all know people who say shit like this.

Maybe you've even caught yourself saying similar things...

Which is completely normal.

But, it will also be what keeps you average if you don't break yourself free from this mindset.

Getting a raise won't solve your problems...

Moving to a new city won't solve your problems...

Starting a new relationship won't solve your problems...

YOU have to solve your problems by FACING THEM.

Until you do that, you will keep accumulating problems and achieve nothing.

If you truly want to eliminate your problems...

You need to start taking the necessary steps to fix them.

Don't be an escapist.

Losers run from their problems...

Winners fix them.

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