Every Detail Matters

December 09, 2022 1 min read

Andy speaking

I find it very interesting how many people claim they are willing to do "whatever it takes" to win in life...

But when it comes to their execution and attention to the little details...

They pick and choose which tasks are worth doing the "right way"...

...and which tasks they can cut corners on and put no real effort into.

What these people fail to understand is this...

You can't pick or choose which details and tasks are important and which ones aren't...


...and the little details that you think "aren't a big deal" are actually the most important details there are.

These are the things you'll ultimately be remembered for.

If you stay disciplined to these details...

They will help shape the habits and values you need to execute perfectly when you need it most.

"How you do one thing is how you do everything" is not just some bullshit saying…

It's the truth.

So build the habit of doing things the right way every fucking time...

Or quit talking about how you're willing to do "whatever it takes.”

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