Every Day Is Another Battle

September 16, 2022 1 min read

Andy speaking on stage

Everyone will tell you they want to be successful...

But very few of these people will actually show you they want to be successful through their actions.

You can say you're all in...

You can think you're ready for war...

But are you actually showing up every single day to put in the work?

Anyone can get a few wins...

But one or two small victories won't win the war.

The war is won through the habit of showing up every day and winning the daily battles with yourself.

This is something that all truly successful people understand very well.

Every day is another battle to win.

Don't be the person who gets a few wins and begins to think you've won the war.

Develop the habit of winning every single day.

And yes, that includes weekends.

If you commit yourself to that...

...and win the daily battles regardless of the obstacles in your way...

The war will take care of itself.

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