Embrace The Uncertainty

April 26, 2023 1 min read

Andy walking on a plane

You're going to feel a lot of uncertainty...

Especially in the beginning.

When I first got started in business back in 1999, I didn't know anything.

I didn't know how to hire employees...

I didn't know how to manage expenses...

I didn't know how to interact with customers...

I didn't even know how to get more customers...

I didn’t even really know anything about the products we were selling…

I learned.

On the job.

It’s go then learn … not learn then go.

All of the lessons and experiences that got me this far came from the journey itself.

But had I never taken action in the face of uncertainty...

I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today.

Understand that you don't need to have all the answers...

You just need to be willing to get your hands dirty, get in the game, and find the answers.

Uncertainty is a necessary element to becoming great and winning long-term.

It’s just part of it.

Instead of running from it like everybody else...

Learn to embrace it.

Anything is possible when nothing is certain…

IF you are willing to GO then learn.

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