Don't Let Your Wins Derail You

April 11, 2024 1 min read

The second you allow yourself the option to accept a lower standard...

Cut corners...

Or tolerate half-ass execution...

Is the second you will start moving in the opposite direction.

This is how most people lose.

They'll stack up a few wins...

Gain some positive momentum...

Get comfortable...

...then allow complacency to creep in and completely take over.

Understand that it's easy to make progress and execute at a high level in the beginning of your journey.

When you have nothing...

...and your back is against the wall...

You have no other choice.

But if you truly want to win in the long-term...

You need to learn how to operate this way regardless of how many wins you have under your belt.

Executing at the highest level possible every single chance you get is your only choice.

Never let a few wins convince you otherwise.

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