Don’t Just Start...Finish

November 07, 2022 1 min read

Andy walking

It's one thing to get started pursuing your goals...

It's another thing to actually follow through with your goals.

A lot of people have no issue getting started...

Which is great because stepping outside of your comfort zone to start something new is a great character trait to have...

But for every single person who starts...

There are far less who finish.

If you truly want to win long-term and see your goals through to the end...

You need to develop the skills that most "self-starters" don't have.

You need grit...

You need perseverance...

You need to identify and solve problems quickly...

...and you need to remove quitting from the table.

Nobody is going to give you a participation trophy for starting.

Make sure you finish.

That's what it takes to win.

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