Don't Be Ashamed of Winning

June 26, 2023 1 min read

Andy walking on a plane

It's okay to want to win and kick ass in life.

The world needs way more of it.

In fact, it's never been easier to win because so many people refuse to try.

Don't fall for the bullshit.

This is your opportunity.

Winning and kicking ass in life are great things.

...and it creates a shit ton of good and solves a shit ton of problems for the people around you in too many ways to list.

Anyone who tells you any different has never won anything...

I can guarantee it.

Don't be ashamed of wanting to win.

If there was ever a time to go all in on your life...

It's now.

Yes ... it's hard.

The best things in life always are.

Don't let that stop you.

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