Ditch Your Excuses

April 22, 2024 1 min read

Remember: You can make all the excuses you want.

Wrong partner.

Wrong career.

Wrong friends.

Wrong situation.

...But at the end of the day...

Your life is on you.

You made the choices and your life is a reflection of those choices.

Everyone understands this deep inside even if they pretend not to on the surface.

...and when you try to blame all these outside circumstances for your shortcomings in life...

These people may pretend to sympathize with you and validate your story because they're being polite...

But beneath the surface...

They know it's you.

Just like you do.

...and even if they don't tell you...

Which they won't...

They will lose all respect for you the minute this bullshit spills out of your mouth.

Just like you do.

Don't make a clown out of yourself with the stories you tell and the excuses you make.

If you need to make better decisions...

Make them.

Start immediately.

Consistently blaming everyone and everything around you and playing the victim is clown shit.

You will end up alone, bitter, and angry because of it.

Ditch the excuses.

Own your shit.

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