Create Winning Habits

June 13, 2023 1 min read

Andy smiling

Winning is not a destination.

Winning is an event that you try to replicate repeatedly throughout the course of your day.

If you win the small battles...

If you make sure to do all of the little inconvenient things that you don't want to do today...

Then do the same tomorrow, and every day moving forward...

That's when you start to see the big wins materialize.

The reason why winning is so rare for most people is because they've never created winning habits in the details of their own lives.

They just see other people's big wins and misunderstand the process of creating those big wins.

You can never become a "winner" without winning the small battles day in and day out.

It literally never happens ... ever.

So, if you want to win ... the math is simple.

Win more days than you lose in a week ... win the week.

Win most of the weeks in a month ... win the month.

Win enough months ... win the year.

Win enough years ... win your life.

Somewhere along that timeline winning ceases to be something you seek and becomes everything that you are.

You aren’t just capable…

…you are obligated.

You were born to do it.

So do it.

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