Being Underestimated Is A Competitive Advantage

May 09, 2020 2 min read


I get it.

Nobody believes in you and that sucks.

Something you should stop to think about is:

It serves you.

That’s right. It actually makes it easier for you to win.

...but you’re so busy whining about it, that you don’t even realize being underestimated is the biggest competitive advantage you will ever have.

I set my goals so fucking big that I'm always underestimated.

Especially now.

...and I love it.

People think I'm joking or talking shit when I say we are just getting started...

If I laid out my real plans for people to see, most of you would laugh...and that's fine...

But, understand that I have not accomplished shit in my mind, and my drive & hunger are at an all-time high & growing by the day.

When I was younger, I used to get angry about being underestimated.

People would tell me I couldn't, and it would legit make me question myself and my abilities.

Now I've realized that it's been one of the biggest contributing factors to my drive, hunger & will to win.

I love nothing more than when people ask me what my plans are in business & life, and they give me that look like: "Yeah ok" as if I'm talking out of my ass or dreaming some pipe dream.

I remember EVERY FUCKING PERSON who has made such comments to me over the years, and I get as much satisfaction of making them eat their words as I do actually accomplishing the goal at hand.

"Oh...but Andy, you should be doing this for the people that believe in you."

Well I'm glad you can recite some bullshit instagram meme that someone posted who hasn't accomplished shit...but I live in the real world...

...and in the real world, if you can't turn negativity into positive action, YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT.

The chip on my shoulder grows by the day...and I use it ALL.

On top of the external motivational factors...when people underestimate you, it means they also aren't paying attention...which makes it all that much easier to sneak up on them and stomp on their throats.

So remember that the next time someone says that you can't/won't, or that you're dreaming...remember it all...and use it to your advantage for the rest of your life.


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