All You Have Is Now

August 29, 2020 1 min read

andy talking to the team

When you are around winners, pay close attention to their vocabulary…

Listen to the words they speak…

I bet that you will hear these two words a lot:

“TODAY” and “NOW”

Real winners, the ones who win big and win consistently, know the importance of getting things done today.

Yesterday is long gone…

And as they say, tomorrow isn’t promised for anyone.

All you have is today…

All you have is NOW.

On the other hand, if you listen to the whiners, the complainers, and the blamers...

Your ears will be bombarded with words like “tomorrow” and “future”...

All of them have world-changing ideas on which they will act upon “tomorrow.”

All of them have huge plans for the “future”...

Nobody cares.

That’s the main reason why they stay where they are, all their lives.

As I always say, and I will say again…

You only get paid for what you get done.

And what you get done is directly dependent on what you work on, TODAY.

Not what you say you will do tomorrow.

Lots of people say lots of things.

Only a few get it done.

Always remember…

The more you use the words like “TODAY” and “NOW” in your vocabulary…

And the more you act upon it…

The more successful you are going to be.

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